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Keller Grover LLP : LexisNexis "Esteem" Database Investigation

LexisNexis "Esteem" Database Investigation

Have You Been Denied Employment Because of Negative Information About You in the LexisNexis Esteem Database?

Keller Grover is investigating the use of LexisNexis’s “Esteem” retail theft contributory database by employers in California.   The database allows retail employers to submit internal records of theft, fraud, and shoplifting to LexisNexis to be shared with other participating retail employers.  Often these records include allegations of theft, shoplifting, or fraud that never resulted in an arrest by law enforcement, a criminal or civil trial, or a criminal prosecution or conviction.  Once such records appear in the database however, the records are shared with other employers during the process of performing pre-employment background checks.   As a result, individuals may be denied employment based on the records with little real opportunity to dispute their accuracy or truthfulness.
It is believed that the database contains records from more than 75,000 business locations across the United States.  Participating employers may include companies such as Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Home Depot, Jo-Ann Stores, and Marshalls.

If you believe that you have been unfairly denied employment because of information about you in the LexisNexis Esteem database or if you have information about the database or employers that use the database, contact Keller Grover’s attorneys at 415.659.9937 or by email at  Keller Grover will not charge for you for reviewing your information and all information that you provide to Keller Grover in the process of seeking legal advice will be held strictly confidential.