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Consumer Protection

Consumer protection laws are designed to help protect consumers from fraudulent, unfair, or deceptive marketplace practices that may negatively impact them financially or present risks to them in other ways. The confidence to make purchases, or engage in other practices that enhance one’s quality of life day to day, can significantly be shaken when a company engages in an abuse that puts consumer health or financial security at risk. A consumer protection lawyer can help those who have been injured by consumer fraud, unfair business practices or other wrongful actions by companies restore their confidence in the market by exercising their rights to be compensated for any damages they’ve incurred as a result. Knowing one’s rights under the consumer protection laws is the first step to enforcing those rights.

Federal and state government regulations include measures designed especially to protect consumer interests in interactions between businesses and consumers, including requiring the disclosure of accurate product information, and regulating  he manufacture and sale of food and pharmaceutical products. Consumer protection laws also exist to guard against consumer fraud, deceptive business practices, and unlawful debt collection, and also to protect consumer privacy rights.  Specific federal laws pertaining to consumer affairs include the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Truth in Lending Act, and the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.  Federal laws are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and the United States Justice Department.  California laws designed to protect consumer rights include the Unfair Competition Law and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.  State laws are enforced by the California State Attorney General.  Citizens acting as private attorneys general are also able to enforce many state and federal laws on behalf of themselves and other consumers like them.

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The consumer protection and employment lawyers of San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles law firm Keller Grover LLP are dedicated to fighting consumer fraud and can help those who have been harmed by unfair or deceptive advertising, improper financial transactions, violations of privacy or other unlawful business practices, enforce their rights under the federal and state laws.  Our consumer protection attorneys work diligently on behalf of clients seeking compensation after being unjustly harmed by the wrongful, fraudulent or deceptive actions of businesses and corporations.

If you are seeking representation from a qualified San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles consumer protection or employment lawyer, contact our law firm today for a free consultation about your legal matter.

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