Employment Law Attorneys - Class Action Lawyers

The Los Angeles / San Francisco Bay Area consumer, wage and hour, business and employment attorneys at the offices of the Northern and  Southern California employment law attorneys of Keller Grover LLP provide legal representation for consumers, professionals, and employees dealing with challenging issues in the workplace that warrant assistance from a qualified consumer, business and employment lawyer.

Employment Practice Areas

Our San Francisco employment lawyers advocate for clients whose issues may pertain to wrongful termination, breach of contract, disability, wage and hour violations, and matters involving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Areas of practice for the firm also include discrimination, sexual harassment, non-compete agreements, commission and bonus disputes, retaliation, executive severance agreements, and trade secrets.  We handle individual claims as well as class actions.

The employment attorneys of Keller Grover assist with the drafting, negotiation, and review of contracts and agreements that aid in curtailing the legal challenges that can arise when an employment relationship comes to an end, and also advocate for workers who find themselves in serious employment disputes. Working with clients on both sides of the table has given our firm’s  employment lawyers invaluable experience in finding fair and just solutions for settling disputes.

Consumer and Antitrust Practice Areas

Keller Grover represents plaintiffs in California in a variety of important and complex consumer protection and antitrust class actions. Keller Grover attorneys have played leading roles in numerous state and federal consumer protection and antitrust cases.

We are here to protect your rights

Whether you are an employee unable to reach an agreement with an employer, a consumer who has been unfairly treated, or a company involved in a legal dispute with another entity, you have a right to seek out a fair resolution and obtain quality representation for your legal matter. You don’t have to face the process alone. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees and consumers  involved in difficult disputes that relate to issues pertaining to employment law, consumer protection, and antitrust matters. Our strong reputation for helping our clients resolve their legal issues is backed up by our track record of working diligently to obtain our client's a settlement, or verdict, that is fair and just..

If you are in need of a leading California based consumer and employment lawyer, contact the attorneys of Keller Grover today for a free consultation about your case.

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